Who We Are

We specialise in the restoration, modification and storage of the Nissan Skyline GT-R and Nissan GT-R. We are dedicated to the preservation of these iconic Japanese sports cars and we do not compromise on attention to detail or quality. We strive to be not just the best in Australia, but to be the best in the world. We will be presenting GT-Rs at Pebble Beach in Concours d'Elegance and other high calibre events. We have amazing facilities that can cater for long term storage of your project and our cost model is refreshingly affordable, as a result of the size of our facilities
and ability to store your car when not being worked on.


Our business model focusses only on GT-Rs and is unique in that no other shops specialise in the restoration as well as performance modification of purely GT-Rs, accordingly our work efficiency is high. We are the first in specialising in the restoration of the GT-Rs in Australia, if not the world. We are happy to further discuss your
GT-R project via our contact us page.

Our Services


We have both the experience and equipment necessary to specialise
in the pristine restoration
of your GT-R.

Performance and Modification

We understand the effort required to prepare your GT-R, or modify it for motorsport. We have the experience necessary to undertake even the most complex modifications.

Car Storage,Pre Purchase inspection and Specialised Towing

Our facilities are of an unprecedented scale, we offer the best storage solutions to house your GT-R and we can comprehensively prepare your car for storage.
We also offer a GT-R pre-purchase inspection service.
Additionally, we offer a specialised towing service to carefully
transport your GT-R.